Choices – Comfort, Staying Still or Moving Forward

Right after a long-time subscriber wrote on Facebook asking me what’s been happening with Picture to Ponder/Treasure Your Life Now, I came across this tulip photo, one of our favorites. She went on to say she’s missed both the photos and the thoughts.

Looking at the photo now it has the feeling of hibernation, for me, feeling safe and protected. And we have a choice, stay in the “womb,” so-to-speak or allow Nature to take its course and open up, move forward and get out into the world.

How about you? What do you see?

I have been moving out in the world and in the process, perhaps, neglecting those of you who have looked forward to my photographs and the self-reflecting queries they inspired.

I am now setting a goal of to go through issues from the last 10 years, finding images and thoughts that pop out for me and, once again, putting them out for you…. with less words this time.

Quickly, for those who like the background stories on the photos themselves:

If you’re a long time subscriber, you know I’ve always said, “If anything catches your eye, snap a picture.”

The above photo is an image that could have been totally overlooked. It was in the center of a tulip plant I had purchased and put in the trunk of my car.

When I opened the trunk this bud caught my eye and I went for the camera before the flower had a chance to open. I focused in with my macro lens. Thus no background diversions got in the way.

In that issue of Picture to Ponder I wrote:

Are there areas in your life where you can unearth beauty or power, getting straight to the point, unconsciously eliminating the distractions?”

Two years later, I wrote, “I love image for its sensuality as well as for the feeling of gentleness, love and protection that I get from it.”

And I asked: “What do you find most appealing?

For that issue’s

Relationship Tip I wrote:

Sometimes all that’s necessary for expressing and feeling love is to stop whatever you are doing. Then quietly and soundlessly focus in on your loved one. Next gently fully embrace him or her. Create a sense of timelessness.

If you are alone, although it’s not quite the same, I invite you to similar actions. Pause and quietly appreciate and fully embrace yourself.

Speaking of Embracing Ourselves, if you have experienced a major change in your life, I invite you to look at the the following:

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And – On Being Alone,

I was actually able to metaphorically embrace myself the other day as I drank tea from the mug below with my hand wrapped comfortably and comfortingly around it.

The mug is available in my Nature Art Gift Shop reminding us of “Love With No Regrets.” Should you be interested in the mug without the text, email me and I’ll upload art without the URL.

pink tulip bud Love With No Regrets mug
pink tulip bud on love with no regrets mug looking at it from the right side

If you like the image, it is also on tiles and prints in the Shop. Click on Pink Tulip products.

As always have fun and please post your experience in the Comments Section below.


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