The impact of rejecting acknowledgement

The aim of sharing the story below was/is to invite you to consider times when you may not be/nor have been open to acknowledgment and its potential contribution to both you, the recipient, and the giver.

It also relates to the possibilities of what will be available for participants in the 4-week Magic of Shifting Perspectives program – giving and receiving acknowledgment as you share seeing and hearing things and experiences in new, creative, and fun ways…resulting in feeling great about yourself and the new openings in communication with those important to you.

The Story and Photo
A shortened version of the long story of my having rejected acknowledgment and the intended contribution follows. [The link for the post with the long story is at the end.]

On a day I happened to stop into the office in the community in which I live Gini, the Administrative Assistant, jumped up to show me the piece of a live oak tree root (on the left) which had grown around the head of a sprinkler.

Isaac the maintenance man who had painstakingly removed it, preventing potential damage to a home, had proudly brought it to the office. Gini immediately put it in a cup, on display to show me and others when we happened to come in the office.

She had thought of me, the way I saw and wrote about images and that I might want to write about it in my “Beyond Seeing” column in our community newsletter.

I was not attracted to the image and mentally and verbally dismissed it until we got engaged in seeing faces and other images. Even Isaac, who shook his head initially, got involved, declaring that he saw a lion.

The Message and My Observations
Ultimately as I drove home, I started reflecting on my NOT having accepted Gini’s acknowledgment and a few times in other professional situations I had been dismissive.

In the process, I realized not only had I “ripped myself off” from seeing and owning my power, I had unintentionally diminished the giver.

How about you?
My lessons from this experience, and their messages, lead to the invitation for you to look into your life for past situations and to create an awareness for ones yet to occur.

Check in with yourself:
Are there times when people acknowledge you that you minimize what they’ve said? What we forget is, that in the process of so doing, we are unintentionally diminishing the other person.

If nothing shows up immediately for you, think back. I’m sure at times you’ve brushed off a compliment on how you look – hairdo, piece of clothing, jewelry….and beyond. What about praises for a job well done?

Next time, someone commends you, I invite you to take it in. Pause before saying anything. Then a simple “Thank you” may suffice. Appreciate both yourself and the giver.

I also invite you to do more acknowledging of others. Notice what happens for you when it’s accepted, or rejected, both what occurs with the other person, as well as your own feelings.

The link for the longer version of this story with additional photos and personifications: Are You Rejecting Acknowledgment and Contribution?

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