A Program for Fun, Play and Ease in Expanding Connection and Communication

Are you looking for a fun “time out”? An opportunity at the end of a day (for many of you) for energized relaxation (as crazy as that may sound)? Plus a start for the week with seeds for seeing situations in new ways?

I was excited and surprised by the responses in the comments on a Facebook post. I had shared what I thought the image below was expressing; then asked two questions regarding it. 

Different Perspective

To see in a video what the responses were, tap/click on the image above or on Different Perspectives. After watching the video, check the description underneath it in “SHOW MORE.”

In addition to listing the responses, at the end of the description, I go into the story of what the segments are.

My excitement came from the fact that the perceptions were all so different and, synchronistically, were/are a demonstration of what’s possible in The Magic of Shifting Perspectives: Creative Ways to Open & Deepen Communication.

It’s a 4 week program starting 9 days from now!  Designed for you to Relax and Have Fun, the Week 1 Focus is on Seeing. Tap/click on the Power of Perspective Shifts for description and details.

The program starts on Monday, April 5th at 8:00 PM U.S. Eastern Time. It is FREE for all those who register by Friday, April 2nd.

I look forward to seeing many of you joining a like-minded community in my interactive Zoom room.

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