Are you Missing Out as a Result of Unfulfilled Expectations and False Assumptions

3 Wakodahatchee Wetlands IrisesThis post highlights shifting perspectives, and more, as related to experiences with Wetlands Irises I’ve seen in two Wetlands Preserves, each 5 minutes from my home.

My request is that you allow yourself some time to experience the  textures and beauty in the Iris photos featured here today.

Rather than a long background story, suffice it to briefly say that this weekend I was once again disappointed not finding the wild irises I expected/hoped to see.

When I got home from my walk searching for them, a related post with photos from 2012 magically surfaced as I was looking for something else in my computer.

I was moved by the spontaneous poetry that emerged when handling my disappointment then.

Before continuing, I invite you to take a minute or two to be with each of the photos prior to reading the words below them.

The words were ones that had flowed from me, as I responded to the imagery I was seeing and interpreting. In reading them now, I realize that the feelings resulting from my experiences, also came through in the spontaneous verbal expression.

Wild Wetlands Iris - Petals look tissue thin

Tissue paper thin I feel
As the midday sunlight
Shines brightly through me

Wild Wetlands iris poses as a ballerina

Onstage at cloudy dusk
My arms reach up as
Lit by flash
I pirouette in life celebration
Scattered raindrops refresh my soul

Wild Wetlands Iris

This way or that
I luxuriate in the feel
of my velvetlike skin

Though my lifespan and that of my sisters is short
We relish the time we have
The beauty we share
Honoring the Wetlands visitors who seek us out
As well as those who accidentally find us

The brief story of the above irises 
The bottom line story to the wild irises above, relates to the expectations, letdowns and then the excited surprise upon discovering I was wrong! I had gone on an irises’ searching walk during the 2 week time period that they had shown up in previous years. 

When they never appeared, I made up “stories” of why they weren’t there. Then the guard suggested that perhaps the chemical treatment of the area might have unexpectedly destroyed them.

Living in the “made-up stories”, I was even more, excited when a couple of weeks later, I came back and the irises were there! The above 3 photos we’re amongst the couple hundred photos I took over the next week or so.

(You can see more of the story, if you wish, by tapping/clicking on Wild Wetlands Irises in 2012. There are also links to other iris photos from prior years.)

I concluded then that the final lessons for me were yet to be distilled. The biggest reward would be the couple of hundred, or more, iris photos I then had to captivate my senses any time throughout the year.

Self-Reflecting Queries  
Today I invite you, as I did then, to look at your life, at areas in which you like to make discoveries.

As you read and consider the queries, I invite you to see how some of them might relate to connections and relationships you have with others who are important to you.

Are there things to which you look forward on a regular basis? What occurs for you if they don’t happen, or you miss them for some reason?

How do you handle disappointment and unfulfilled expectations?

Look at both happenings such as my “annual Irises” and also those that occur in your relationships with other people.

Are you able to easily accept whatever is, or do you make it mean something is wrong (such as “my chemicals killed them story”) and then live in that?

Lastly are you ultimately able to find the positives in the experience(s)?

In the case of the 2012 Wild Irises, I did find them, and learn from that, experiencing far more than simply enjoying the flowers.

On the other hand, had I not found, I still was ready to finally accept without making myself, or anyone else, wrong. How about you, in your life? Can you accept what is?

I’m still in awe of life’s unexpected surprises and joys when we let go of our attachments as to how we think things should be.

I invite you to be open to surprise or two in the next few days. Treasure whatever it is.

Your Reactions – Responses
Please share in the Leave a Reply section below what your biggest takeaways are from reading and engaging in the photos and words, as well as with the self-reflecting queries.

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